Tiny Disc Podcast


Tiny Disc Podcast


In May 2017, some friends and I put together our own podcast about games and life. Our top priority was sounding as good as possible while making the show entertaining and informative. We wrapped up the podcast toward the end of 2018 to start another one called Tadaima: A Terrace House Podcast.

Below you’ll find my top episodes of the Tiny Disc Podcast.

Top Picks

Episode 41 - As-part-amé!

Episode 56 - Now That’s What I Call Tiny Disc Vol. 1

Episode 29 - James Hetfield's Mom

Episode 49 - Toledo: Become Human

Episode 40 - Terrace House: Opening New Doors (Part 1) SPOILERCAST

Episode 48 - Terrace House: Opening New Doors Part 2 Spoilercast