Writing and Editing


I'm currently a writer for SVG and TechRaptor, and I’m also editor-in-chief for GameLuster.  I previously did product copy work for Tommy Bahama, and I wrote news pieces for The Lantern, the student newspaper of The Ohio State University, during my undergrad years.


In January 2019, I picked up a freelance writing position with SVG. The content consists mainly of list articles pertaining to the games industry at large. Some pieces analyze only specific franchises, while others take a holistic look at the medium.

Skills: Feature writing, copy writing, SEO

I served a two-month contract on the copy team at Tommy Bahama, a Seattle-based apparel manufacturer with an island-themed vibe. The contract ran from September to October 2018. I wrote product copy, customer emails, and retail signage during my time with the company. In May 2019, I was called back to fill in some copy needs on a part-time basis until July 2019.

Skills: Proofreading, B2C copywriting

I started writing for TechRaptor in October 2017 and am currently still working with them as a features editor. I covered E3 2019 in Los Angeles with them, and I performed well enough to receive a promotion.

Skills: News writing, feature writing, proofreading, management, podcasting

My work with GameLuster began in July 2017, and I currently work as the editor-in-chief. My current responsibilities involve guiding the site, and I work every day to bring the team to greater heights. Previously, I was the news editor, so I checked stories for factual and grammatical accuracy before publication. I also occasionally write stories for GameLuster.

Skills: Proofing, news writing, feature writing, podcasting, graphic design

You can also find my older writing at The Lantern, from December 2015 to May 2017. My main beat as a staff writer was to follow the university’s diversity and inclusion policies. I’d also pick up lots of other stray stories along the way. After my time as a staff writer, I started a weekly cooking column under the arts desk, and I wrote some stories about the local esports student organization.

I then moved on to be the Copy Desk Chief, editing and proofing a majority of stories that came through. I also did some design work for the team when the design desk was low on resources.

Skills: News writing, feature writing, proofing, graphic design, video production, podcasting